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Routine Check-Ups and Dental Cleanings Are Crucial – Especially for Kids!

1 Year Dental Care From Our Fort Worth Dental Clinic

Remember by choosing 1 Year Dental Care From Our Fort Worth Dental Clinic: Your child’s teeth were designed to last a lifetime. With the right dental care starting early on, this is 100% achievable.

The ADA and AMA recommend a child’s first visit at 6 months to 1 year. This way, the dentist will be able to ensure healthy teeth and gums as well as check for any unusual swelling or changes and treat issues early before they become painful or serious.

Regular cleaning and inspection not only ensures timely treatment and guards against cavities, but it also teaches your child good oral care habits. By maintaining good oral care from a young age, your child can avoid ever developing those fears that keep you from going to the dentist as often as you should!

Fortunately, You Don’t Have to Keep Searching for a Dentist You Trust to Provide You and Your Family with the Gentle, Quality Care You Need! 1 Year Dental Care